Amaia Gómez Marzabal has a B.A. in Fine Arts and a masters degree “Investigation and Creation in Arts: INCREARTE” from the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) Leioa, Basque Country, Spain. She has received grants from the Kutxa Bank, Gobierno Vasco/ Euroregion/ Garapen and Etxepare Institut, Spain.

Her work has been shown in a number of exhibitions in Spain, Italy and USA, including a solo show at the Politecnico de Milano. Gómez Marzabal also works with the “Cerdas Collective”, who publish and exhibit regularly in Spain. Her most recent project is the current artist residency at ESKFF Foundation in Mana Contemporary Art Center NJ, where she is now developing a new body of work.

Her work is held in private collections in Europe and in the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation.

Actually she is represented by Gallery 104 in Soho, NY.


My practice investigates Basque traditional textile motifs and decorative patterns.

Through painting, printing, digital image making I reinterpret these inherited patterns through investigations of color, surface and formal languages/rituals of painting.

In addition, my practice is concerned with extending this cultural legacy into the social and global sphere. I recontextualize my investigations into contemporary spaces of the virtual, the street and community space. I do this to insert the specific cultural tradition of my past, into the contemporary global discourse/ conversation.


  • Master of Education (Secondary Teaching), Valencia International University, Spain (2017)
  • Master of Fine Arts, Public Univerity of the Basque Country, Spain (2008)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Public Univerity of the Basque Country, Spain (2005)
  • Cerificate in Graphic Design, CETIC, Spain (2006)


  • “Textile Painting” Arts and Crafts School, Vitoria (2015)
  • “Collage”, Ilustrapados, Cultural C. Montehermoso, Vitoria (2015)
  • “Illustration and textile serigraphy” with Malús Arbide, Bilbaoarte (2015)
  • “Immersions” Artium Museum, Vitoria (2014)
  • “Urban Mapping” (2010), “VVVV, Arduino and robotic” (2009) UPV, Bilbao

Visual Art, Teaching and Workshops

  • Assistant for the artist Maximilian Pelzmann (2017-18)
  • “Occupacional Creative workshop” for the AIDS Association, Estrada Center, Vitoria (2016-7)
  • “Crafts for Kids”, Alegria-Dulantzi Council (2011)
  • “Recycling & Art”, Culture Center of Getxo (2009)
  • Wallartist Assistant for IMVG Company, Alegria-Dulantzi Council (2012)
  • “Urban Collage” Council of Alegria-Dulantzi (2013)
  • Assistant for “Zuyi!” Photography exhibition, Artium Museum, Vitoria (2006)
  • Conference Organiser “Recycling, transforming, creating”, BIO Climatic Change Office, Bilbao (2009)


Art Projects

  • “Psychopompós”, Atrio Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao (2010) and in LunaKrea, CajaVital, Vitoria (2010)
  • “Hangar Gasteiz”, with Norabide, City Council of Vitoria (2011)
  • “The Music Box”, GetxoFolk Festival (2010)
  • “1 place, 1000 colors”, Inter. Immigrant Day, City Council of Getxo (2009)
  • Mural Creation “Ground“ for Bioalai, Vitoria (2005)
  • Illustrator for Baskavigin Film, Old Port Films (2016)
  • Publications for (2014)
  • Fanzines: “Cíclope” nº0 y nº1 and “Operación Bikini” with “Cerdas Collective” (2015)
  • Cartoonist: for Newspaper and Comic Story for Replika Magazine (2014-13)
  • Nº 1 FabrikArt Catalog, UPV-EHU in collaboration with the artist Luis Badosa (2003)
  • “ConArtist”, NY (2017)
  • “Cerdas” Illustration Association, Vitoria (2015)
  • “Denokinn-Elkartea”, Santurce (2012)
  • “Zintzilik” art collective, Vitoria (2009-06)
  • int>act, art collective, Bilbao (2012-09)


  • Painting and Design, Politecnico di Milano (2003)


  • “Women” Group Exhibition, Julia de Burgos Art Center, Manhattan, NY (2017)
  • “ESKFF Spring Residents” Mana Contemporary Art Center, NJ (2018)
  • “US for the Art” Group Exhibition, Wall Gallery, Brooklyn (2017)
  • “Woman to the Front” Superchief Gallery, Brooklyn (2017)
  • Pop Up for artists in Yiu Gallery, Manhattan, NY (2017)
  • “Women” Group Exhibition, Julia de Burgos Art Center, Manhattan, NY (2017)
  • “Various existential Angsts” Summer Residency Group exhibition, Nars, Brooklyn (2017)
  • “Group Exhibition” ZAS Kultur Espazioa, Vitoria (2016)
  • “Home=Shelter” Exhibition, curated by Iratxe González Villaluenga, the Fair Saturday, ZAWP, Bilbao
  • VI Edition: “Setting Up” Álava Emprende, Vitoria, Spain (2009)
  • Students of U.P.V. Culture Center Getxo, Spain (2006)
  • “Paintings and Cinema” Lamiak Bilbao, Spain (2005)
  • XIII Painting Awards of Beasain, Spain (2004)
  • Students of U.P.V: Small format, Tatos Café Getxo, Spain (2003)

WITH “Cerdas Collective” (2016-7):

  • “She said“ Mariaenea Basauri & Kataku Herriko Ostatua, Spain
  • “Mini Worlds” Cultural Center Bera de Bidasoa, Spain
  • Illustration Fair Mazoka Montehermoso, Spain
  • “Paper Shelter” Exhibition, GeroArte, Vitoria, Spain

WITH “Zintzilik Collective”:

  • “Dark Progress” Installation, Alegría-Dulantzi Council (2008), Spain
  • “Textures” Cultural Center Pilar and Judimendi, Vitoria, Spain (2007-06)
  • ESKFF Spring Resident (2018) Mana Contemporary Center, NJ
  • NARS Foundation: artist in residency (2017) and granted by Etxepare Institut
  • Basque Gobernment and Euroregion: Basque artists in France, Fabrique Pola, Bordeaux (2016)
  • Erasmus: Politécnico Milan, Bbk grant (2003)
  • Atrio Alhóndiga, Bilbao (2010)
  • 1st Ideas Award in the 2nd Edition of “Bizkaia Creaktiva”, Creativity Zentrum (2010)
  • Finalists in the Bussines Ideas Awards, Lanekintza, Bilbao (2010)
  • 2nd Award in the WANTED Ideas Awards, Getxo´s City Council (2009)
  • 3rd Award in the Painting Competition, Encartaciones, Biscay (2004)
  • 2nd Award in the XXIV IPAR Painting Competition, Biscay (2000)
  • 2nd award in the VIII Open-air Painting Competition, Aramaio (1999)
  • 2nd award in the VII Open-air Painting Competition, Beasain (1998)