About me


Amaia Gómez Marzabal has a B.A. in Fine Arts and a Masters Degree “Investigation and Creation in Arts: ¨INCREARTE¨ from the (UPV-EHU) University, Leioa, Basque Country, Spain. And a Masters Degree in Secondary Education by the VIU University, Valencia, Spain. She has received grants from the Kutxa Bank, Gobierno Vasco/ Euroregion/ Garapen and Etxepare Institut, Spain.

Her work has been shown in a number of exhibitions in Spain, Italy and USA, including a solo show at the Politecnico de Milano. Gómez Marzabal also works with the “Cerdas Collective”, who publish and exhibit regularly in Spain.

Her most recent project has been the artist residency at ESKFF Foundation in Mana Contemporary Art Center NJ, where she has developed a new body of work.

Her work is held in private collections in Europe and in the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation.


My practice investigates decorative patterns, abstractions and figures. Through painting and printinng I reinterpret these inherited patterns through investigations of color, surface and formal languages/rituals of painting.

In addition, my practice is concerned with human relationships, social rules, emotions and my own personal development.

I am interested in using patterns and human figures to develop my own artistic language about the process of personal self-discovery. These patterns (and sometimes abstractions) will be used to metaphorically represent inherited behavioral and personality traits.

Just as patterns repeat designed structures, humans too duplicate patterns of behavior and thought that are taught to them by society through the course of their development from childhood into adulthood. In the process of finding and defining myself, I found that some of these patterns can be changed and the rules can be broken to draw new patterns.

I use these patterns in my paintings to depict the balance between order and chaos, perfection and imperfection. The sudden chaotic abstraction that can grow from the order of a human body can be used to represent this ambiguous process of finding yourself and tracing the lines of your own life-pattern.


Art Projects

  • Mural Assistant for IMVG, Vitoria, Spain (2012)
  • “Psychopompós Installation”, Atrio Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao (2010) & LunaKrea, CajaVital, Vitoria (2010)
  • “Hangar Gasteiz” Installation, for Norabide, City Council of Vitoria (2011)
  • “The Music Box” Installation, GetxoFolk Festival (2010)
  • “1 place, 1000 colors” Installation, Inter. Immigrant Day, City Council of Getxo (2009)

Publications & Collaborations

  • Illustrator for Baskavigin Film, Old Port Films (2016)
  • Publications for Diarionorte.es (2014)
  • Cerdas Collective’s Fanzines: “Cíclope” nº0, nº1 & “Operación Bikini” (2015)
  • Comic Story for Replika Magazine (2014-13)
  • Nº 1 FabrikArt Catalog, UPV-EHU in collaboration with the artist Luis Badosa (2003)

Member of

  • Park Slope – Windsor Terrace Artists (2024)
  • “ConArtist”, NY (2017)
  • “Cerdas” Illustration Association, Vitoria (Spain) (2015) 
  • “Denokinn-Elkartea”, Santurce (2012)
  • “Zintzilik” art collective, Vitoria (2009-06)
  • int>act, art collective, Bilbao (2012-09)

SOLO & Duo Exhibitions

  • Lost Identity, The Porch Upstate Gallery, NY (2023)
  • La Femme Idéale De La Sociéte, curated by Louis Angel, Pop Up show in 333 Church st, NY (2021)
  • Painting and Design, Politecnico di Milano (2003)

GROUP Exhibitions

  • Drawing Alphabets, Shirley Fiterman Art Center, Manhattan, NY (2024)
  • A Celebration of Light – A Celebration of Humanity, The Kota Alliance, NY (2023)
  • Extraordinaries, 35 Meadow St., NY, March & December (2023)
  • Working On It, Shirley Fiterman Art Center, Manhattan, NY (2023)
  • Polychromatic, Blue Gallery, Manhattan, NY, curated by Louis Angel (2021)
  • TRANSMISSIONS virtual exhibition at The Holy Art Gallery, London (2021)
  • Art Movement Exhibition, curated by David De Hannay, 454 Broadway, NY (2021)
  • La Femme idéale de la sociéte, curated by Louis Angel, Pop Up show in 333 Church st, NY (2021)
  • Grounded Exhibition, curated by Natalie Burlutskaya, Mensur Bojda and Kika Espejo, Sleepcenter Gallery, Manhattan, NY (2021)
  • The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn Expo Center, NY (2019)
  • Gowanus Open Studios, Rabbithole Project Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2019)
  • Opening at Egoless Creative Gallery, Brooklyn, NY  (2019)
  • Immigration is the Nation, Cargo Project Gallery, Queens, NY (2019)
  • Superfine! Art Fair, 107 Grand St, Soho, NY (2019)
  • `Privilege‘ Jersey City Theater Center, NJ  (2019)
  • Superfine! Art Fair, LA  (2019)
  • OVERLAP exhibition, Prime Gallery, Jersey City, NJ (2018)
  • Women & Immigration, Julia de Burgos Art Center, Manhattan, NY (2018)
  • “ESKFF Spring Residents” Mana Contemporary Art Center, NJ (2018)
  • “US for the Art”, Wall Gallery, Brooklyn (2017)
  • “Woman to the Front” Superchief Gallery, Brooklyn (2017)
  • Pop Up for artists in Yiu Gallery, Manhattan, NY (2017)
  • “Women” Group Exhibition, Julia de Burgos Art Center, Manhattan, NY (2017)
  • “Various existential Angsts” Summer Residency Group exhibition, NARS, Brooklyn (2017)
  • “She said“ curated by Cerdas, Mariaenea Basauri & Kataku Herriko Ostatua, Spain (2017)
  • “Mini Worlds” curated by Cerdas, Cultural Center of Bera de Bidasoa, Spain (2017)
  • Illustration Fair Mazoka Montehermoso, Spain (2016)
  • “Paper Shelter” curated by Cerdas, GeroArte, Vitoria, Spain (2016)
  • “Group Exhibition” ZAS Kultur Espazioa, Vitoria (2016)
  • “Home=Shelter” curated by Iratxe González Villaluenga, the Fair Saturday, ZAWP, Bilbao (2016)
  • VI Edition: “Setting Up” Álava Emprende, Vitoria, Spain (2009)
  • “Dark Progress” Installation curated by Zintzilik, Alegría-Dulantzi City Council (2008), Spain
  • “Textures” curated by Zintzilik, Pilar & Judimendi Cultural Center, Vitoria, Spain (2007-06)
  • Students of the U.P.V., Getxo Cultural Center, Spain (2006)
  • “Paintings & Cinema” Lamiak Bilbao, Spain (2005)
  • XIII Painting Awards of Beasain, Spain (2004)


  • ESKFF Spring Resident (2018) Mana Contemporary Center, NJ
  • NARS Foundation: artist in residency (2017) and granted by Etxepare Institut
  • Basque Gobernment and Euroregion: Basque artists in France, Fabrique Pola, Bordeaux (2016)
  • Erasmus: Politécnico Milan, Bbk grant (2003)

Awards & Grants

  • Gobierno Vasco/ Euroregion/ Garapen Grant in collaboration with Fabrique Pola, Bordeaux (2017)
  • Etxepare Institut Grant, Spain (2017)
  • Atrio Alhóndiga Award, Bilbao (2010)
  • 1st Ideas Award in the 2nd Edition of “Bizkaia Creaktiva”, Creativity Zentrum (2010)
  • Finalists in the Bussines Ideas Awards, Lanekintza, Bilbao (2010)
  • 2nd Award in the WANTED Ideas Awards, Getxo´s City Council (2009)
  • 3rd Award in the Painting Competition, Encartaciones, Biscay (2004)
  • 2nd Award in the XXIV IPAR Painting Competition, Biscay (2000)
  • 2nd award in the VIII Open-air Painting Competition, Aramaio (1999)
  • 2nd award in the VII Open-air Painting Competition, Beasain (1998)
Intern-visits and feedback with the other residents
Studio visits at NARS Brooklyn NY
Opening of the Group Exhibition at NARS Foundation, September 2017
Exhibition at NARS Brooklyn NY
Marzabal & “Getxophoto” granted by the Eurorregion for “Vers un Ecosystème Créatif Transfrontalier”in Bordeaux
Granted by Garapen & the Euroregion, SPAIN