The Art Gallery of
Emotional Paintings Self Discovery Art
by Amaia Marzabal

Amaia Marzabal´s work tries to enquire in the role that many female artists had along the history and that have implied, in many cases, more functional creation processes and without a clear limit defined between art and craft. Many of these works have helped at the same time to redefine and recontextualize new ways of creating and generate new narrative concepts in spite of being out of the circles of the world’s art. All along her work process, Marzabal has been creating between these close and separated concepts.⠀



7-10th Nov: The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY

> 21st Sep: Immigration is the Nation, Cargo Project Gallery, Ridgewood, NY 

> 16th Sep: Opening at Egoless Creative Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

> 6th July: Live Painting in Project Parlor, Brooklyn, NY

> 6th June: ‘Rooftop Soirée’ 5-14 51st ave 3rd floor, LIC, NY

> 1-5th May:  ‘Superfine! Art Fair’ Soho, NY

> 1st Mar:  ‘Privilege’ Exhibition, Jersey City Theater, NJ

> 14th Feb: ‘SuperFine!’ Art Fair, Los Angeles

> 7th Dec: ‘Overlap’ Exhibition in Prime Gallery, New Jersey City

> …