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Marzabal process





> 2017 Nov: "Woman to the Front" Superchief Gallery, Brooklyn

> 2017 Nov: Pop Up for artists in Yiu Gallery, Manhattan, NY

> 2017 NovGroup Exhibition in Julia de Burgos Art Center, Manhattan, NY

> 2017 Oct: Member of the ConArtis Collective, Manhattan, NY

> 2017 Sep: Group Exhibition in NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY

> 2017 Jul-Sep: Resident artist in NARS Foundation Summer Program, Brooklyn, NY

> 2017 June: Selected for the NARS Foundation Summer Program Residency, Brooklyn, NY

> 2017 May: Working in a collaboration with the american folk musician Margo Cilker for her new cover album

> 2017 March: "She said" Exhibition in Kataku Herriko Ostatua (Navarra, Spain) with the "Cerdas" Illustration Collective

> 2017 Jan: "She said" Exhibition in Mariaenea (Basauri, Spain) with the "Cerdas" Illustration Collective

> 2016 Dec: "Home=Shelter" Exhibition, curated by Iratxe González Villaluenga, during the Fair Saturday, in ZAWP, Bilbao

> 2016 Nov: Awarded by the Basque Gobernment with a Mobility Grant for Artists in Fabrique Pola, France 

> 2016 Nov: Launching of the new 2017 illustrated Collection



Artistic Projects